Firearms & Mike Lindsay, expert on British firearms legislation

Mike Lindsay is a freelance firearms journalist and shooting rights advocate based in Northern Ireland, he runs a page with worldwide reach on Facebook and has garnered a following due to his ability to speak out on behalf of shooters in a climate that generally isn’t pro firearm. Mike is the official advisor to the Libertarian party in the UK for firearms and regularly lobbies government on behalf UK shooters both online and face to face.

In the second part of exclusive interview with, Mike talks more about his personal relationship to firearms.

Rozhovor v češtině si můžete přečíst zde: Zbraně & Mike Lindsay, odborník na britskou zbraňovou legislativu is a Czech language website that deals with practical, legal, cultural and social issues of civilian firearms ownership. This interview was conducted in English and thus you can read it also in original language version below.

First part: Mike Lindsay: Having any tool for purpose of self-defense is a crime in the UK

Mike, when was your first experience with firearms? What was your relationship to firearms before you became a gun owner?

I started shooting when I was in school as I was lucky enough to attend one that has its own indoor 22LR range on campus. So I spent many happy afternoons after school putting holes in paper targets with their old bolt action 22. I then joined the army cadets and had hands on experience with the straight pull variant of the SA-80 on the occasional weekend away at bases. Needless to say I was hooked but unfortunately I developed Ankylosing Spondilitus which was particularly painful and severe and left me housebound for over a decade so I didn’t get to shoot – however thanks to advances in medication I got my mobility back and soon after got my license.


I suppose you must have quite a few firearms. Are there any guns you are particularly fond of?

My 10/22 is the one I would say I have the most attachment to, I upgraded it to a point that I’m very happy with it and it’s very accurate, cheap to have a days fun at the range with too as ammo is about £5 for 50, it was also my first actual purchase.


How often do you shoot? What type of shooting do you practice?

Again it depends on my pain levels but I like to shoot about 1000 rounds of 9mm if I can a month and the same for 22LR. Mainly practical pistol and target. Of course if I’m reviewing a firearm I will shoot at least 1000 rounds.


Are there any particular drills that you train?

I wouldn’t say I run many drills as I like to turn up and just relax to be honest, I find shooting is the perfect way for me to just let off steam and have some fun.


Could you please describe your favorite firearm? How did you choose it, what are its main advantages and drawbacks?

That’s a tough one……..I guess out of all the firearms I’ve shot the one I liked the most was a Beretta 92 I got use of at the range. Aesthetically speaking I thought it was gorgeous I’ve always loved the design but this one was 2 tone with wood grips, competition trigger, barrel and sights. It fit perfectly in my hand and put the rounds exactly where I wanted them, the low recoil put the muzzle back on target quickly and I found it to be very reliable which is a big advantage – the other advantage of course was bigger mag capacity than a 45 so more time between reloads. The competition trigger was crisp and an honest delight to use however the owner refused my offers to sell it……….I wonder if he still has it.


Thank you very much for the interview. Any final words towards Czech gun owners’ community?

Yes I have four, don’t give an inch.

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