Italian Youtuber interviews Czech gun owners about concealed carry (I/II)

Italian Youtuber Freetom that focuses on issues of liberty and freedom interviews Czech gun owners about local laws and practice of concealed carry.


Back in April 2022 I was contacted by an Italian Youtuber, who wanted to make video about firearms in the Czech Republic. The request was rather specific – he wanted to interview minority gun owners. Women, elderly, immigrants, LGBT.

After receiving Tommaso’s “media background check”, courtesy of a member of Italian gun organization, I asked suitable readers of to volunteer.

In the first of two-part series, Freetom interviews two Czech female gun owners.

Teresa is a specialist in the field of medical devices. Apart from carrying a firearm, she also undergoes advanced shooting training, including CQB and active killer elimination.

Elen (accompanied by her husband) is an English teacher and photographer who has had horrible experience while living in “gun-free” England. Now, back to her home country, she not only carries a pistol, but also has experience with reaching for it in situations of imminent threat. Luckily, similarly as vast majority of gun owners, she hasn’t had to actually shoot it. is a website focusing on practical, legal, cultural and societal issues of civilian firearms possession. Second main focus of the website concerns Czech laws on self defense. Vast majority of content is in Czech language.

If you want to learn more about firearms in the Czech Republic, you can start with the following Wikipedia articles in English:

You may also find interesting the following interviews in English that deal mostly with firearms possession in other European countries:


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